Settlement of South Indokistan

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Autonomy Settlement of South Indokistan
Pemukiman Otonomi Indokistan Selatan
—  Settlement of Arkapore  —

Nickname(s): "New Indokistan"
Motto: Sabilulungan Indokistan Kidul
Anthem: Sabilulungan
Settlement Bbd.jpg Arkapore
Capital Pakuan of Burj
 - Governor Governor of South Indokistan
Population (estimated)
 - Total 2
Demonym Southern Indokistani, Arkaporean-Indokistani
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Autonomy Settlement of South Indokistan or Pemukiman Otonomi Indokistan Selatan is a Autonomy Settlement located in Eastern of Settlement of Arkapore and Arkaporean Capital Territory. South Indokistan consist from 2 Pakuans is Pakuan of Burj and Pakuan of New Jumstraad.