Setliberi Republic

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Setliberi Republic, Honoring the Martyrs of the Revolution
Flag of the Setliberi Republic.svg

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Central Europe
Capital cityLight
Largest cityPalace of the Martyrs City
Official language(s)Setliberi
Short nameSetliberi Republic
GovernmentDominant-party republic
- PresidentJane Hanson
- Prime MinisterRobert Hanson
- Commander-in-chiefNorris Hanson
LegislatureCouncil of the Republic
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 1500
- Last election - 1 January 2019
Established1 January 1995
Area claimed100,000km2
CurrencySetliberi rememberance
Time zoneUTC+2

The Setliberi Republic, officially the Setliberi Republic, Honoring the Martyrs of the Revolution, is a nation in Central Europe.