Starland general election, September 2010

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The September 2010 Starland General Election was held on and before September 30, 2010 and was the second such election since Starland was founded.

Her Excellency Prime Minister Hunter was originally looking for her first elected term in office but Her Honor President Elmo was able to gain support and win the primary election on August 30 and become the Liberal Party candidate for Prime Minister. Prime Minister Hunter, after conceding, announced she would run as the Liberal Party candidate for President but lost to SWP member, Jessica Godinez.

The citizens of Starland voted on representatives in the Senate. To win a majority, a party must gain at least six seats. The Starland Independent Party is a third party and most likely did not gain a majority in the Senate nor the office of Prime Minister. The likelihood that they will ever see their candidate win the office of President, however, is slightly better.

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Prime Minister

Destiny Elmo (L): 38%

Brett Bottomley (C): 29%

Ramon Godinez (SWP): 33%


Allie Hunter (L): 29%

Jess Sumner (C): 24%

Jessica Godinez (SWP): 36%

Rhonda Hart (SIP): 11%

Senate Winners

Erica Rodriguez (SWP) - Capital District

Pam Hart (C) - Hart Province

Katie Bottomley (SIP) - Nut Tree Province

Karen Sumner (L) - Sumner Province

Charlie Snow (L) - Bristow Province

Miranda Torres (L) - Elmo Province

Beverly Sumner (C) - Umpqua Province

Michelle Richards (C) - Richards Province

Mark Sumner (L) - Willamette Province

Mariah Crider (L) - Twilight Province

Josiah Crider (L) - Cascadia Province