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The Senyan Met Office is the national weather bureau of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya. It produces a weather forcast every other day. It has once collected rainwater but that was short lived.


Pre-November 2010

The Senyan Met Office was created in September 2010 while Senya was going through it's so-called 'Dormant Period'. Senya collected rain information for a school project in Geography. Despite Senya not being that active scince May 2010, It was completely running smoothly. In November 7, 2010, President Barnaby Hands asked Ewan Whitmore of New Russia (now CR Dallingrad), if he had given up on his micronation. When Ewan replied 'Yes', Barnaby was shell-shocked


On the 8 November, Senya re-launched itself with a new flag and Coat of Arms. However, after the micronation got deleted off wikipedia, he googled micronations and found MicroWikia. Then he discovered it had moved to Referata. In late november 2010, There was a lot of Snow and ice in Senya, and the Met Office brang out it's own Weather Warnings.

December & the New Year

The Met Office now checks regually to see what the weather is doing in Senya

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