Senya national rugby union team

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DES Senya National Rugby Sevens Team
Rugby Senya logo
Senyan kits.png
Home Kit
Official Name:DES Senya National Rugby Sevens Team
Coach:EnglandFlag.png William Middleton
Captain:EnglandFlag.png William Middleton
Stadium:The Rec, Lenwade
Tournaments Played:0
First Match:none
Biggest Win:none
Biggest Defeat:None

The Senya national rugby union team (also know as the Greens) is a Rugby Union team, which represents the micronation of Senya at rugby union, and is afilliated to the IRB. The team is divided up into a real and virtual team. The virtual team competes in the IRB Norfolk Tri-Nations, a monthly competition between itself, Pambia and Dallingrad, and the IRB World Cup.


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