Senior Minister (Snagov)

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Senior Minister of the Snagovian Federal Republic
StyleHis Excellency
Reports toPresident
Term lengthAt the President's pleasure
Inaugural holderDhrubajyoti Roy
Formation2 December 2020
Final holderDhrubajyoti Roy
Abolished4 May 2021

The Senior Minister was a political office in the Snagovian Federal Republic. It was usually held by the senior-most member of the Union Council of Ministers, who usually also discharges the duties of the deputy head of government, assisting the President of the Snagovian Federal Republic, who was the head of state and head of government in matters related to the cabinet and the council of ministers. The Senior Minister was also the leader of the government in the parliament.

The position was officially on 2 December 2020 when President Gheorghe Stefan Marius appointed his advisor Dhrubajyoti Roy to lead the government on his behalf as the Senior Minister. It was on 3 December that the new council of ministers was formed under their leadership. The position was disbanded on 4 May 2021.

List of Senior Ministers

Name Portrait Term of office Political party President
1 Dhrubajyoti Roy Dhrubajyoti Roy - Official Photo 1.jpg 2 December 2020 4 May 2021 153 days Snagovian National Congress Gheorghe Ștefan Marius