Senate of the Valdivitan Republic

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Senate of the Valdivitan Republic
Second Senate of the Valdivitan Republic
January 2010 - January 2011
ConsulAlexander McGregor
since January 2010
ConsulJoseph Eriksson
since January 2010
Voting systemTwo-round system
Last electionJanuary 2010
Meeting place
Hall of the Senate (official)

The Senate of the Valdivitan Republic (commonly referred to as the Valdivitan Senate) is the sole legislative body in the Valdivitan Republic and thus possesses supreme legislative control over all other political bodies within the republic with the two consuls at its head.

The senate is a unicameral legislative body and is elected for the term of one year by through democratic elections occurring throughout the entire republic. The house meets in the Hall of the Senate in the republics capital, Valdivita. By constitutional requirement the two consuls must be senators within the senate before their election by a new senate to the office of the consulship.