Senate of Orfalia

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Senate of Orfalia
Coat Of Arms Orfalia.png
ConsulIsacio Arcadio, SDP
Opposition LeaderMarcius Dives Pacilus, NPO
Political groups     Social Democratic Party (308)
     National Party (135)
     Kostalira Bartresa (57)
Voting systemElection by list
Last election29 January 20161
Meeting place
Angelopolis, Orfalia

The Senate was the legislature in Orfalia, composed by the Senate and the People’s Assembly.

Composition and Functions

The Senate was composed by all Orphics over 21 years, with no cases pending with the Justice, nor are debtors with public or private orphic entities, members of any legal political party, elected by the People`s Assembly, assuming the position of magistrates for 1 year. Its powers and duties were:

  • To issue binding edicts.
  • To exercise veto power against decisions of the Great Archon or magistrates of lower authority.
  • They had named secretaries for help in administrative tasks.
  • They had to attend the Senate in each session, except for reasons of force majeure.

The Senate had 500 seats. They had to be distributed among political parties that obtain at least 5% of votes, according to the D`Hondt Law. The Senate had appoint a Consul to assume the Presidency of the Senate, the regulation of the Senate and take the Great Archon at the time that the Great Archon dies, resigns, is dismissed or is unable to perform his duties.

The Great Archon was elected by the Senate, assuming the Chief of Government for 1 year.


They were elected two Praetors by Senate to serve a term of 1 year. Its powers and duties:

  • To issue binding edicts to enforce and administer the law.
  • Convene the People`s Assembly to organize people`s courts in cases of trial, by lot.
  • Speak veto against another Pretor or magistrates
  • To appoint secretaries to assist with administrative tasks.
  • Accept resources.

Citizenship and the censors

Citizenship was granted by a Censor. The Censors were elected by the Senate for a period of 5 years. Their obligations were to maintain a list of Citizens, Senators, Magistrates, and safeguard public morality and honor by a collegiate warning through notes:

  • A note against an individual is sufficient to deprive notified of the right to vote until it is removed.
  • A note against a senator will eject the Senator from camera until it is removed.


Party Name Emblem Short Name Leader(s) Position Colours Seats in Parliament
Social Democratic Party Social-Democratic-Party-Orfalia.png SDP Janus Augusto
Imperium and Social democracy Red and white
308 / 500
National Party National-Party-Orfalia-2015.png NP Marcius Dives Pacilus
Imperium, Conservatism and Right-wing Blue and white
135 / 500
Kostalira Bartresa Kostalira-Bartresa-2015.png KB Pinarius Blaesus Helva
Justinian Theodorism, Localism, Anti-capitalism and Left-wing nationalism Black and white
57 / 500

The People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly it is composed of all citizens older than 18 years.

The People’s Assembly shall adopt National Budget each legislature by an absolute majority. The Government and the Crown cannot liquidate more than the specified in those documents from the General Budget.