Seilurog Commonwealth Legislation

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Below is a comprehensive list of legislation created in the Commonwealth of Seilurog.

Primary Legislation

Legislation: Long Title: Enacted: Status:
The Great Charter 2021[1]

A charter to establish a Gwentian Parliament with the ability

to legislate in the name of the Commonwealth of Gwentia.

27/11/2021 Amended
Section 3

Amended by the The Seilurog Act 2022.

The Immigration Reform Act 2022[2]

A legislative act to establish a clearer and more efficient

immigration policy across Gwentia.

01/02/2022 Repealed
Repealed 13/02/2022 by the

Seilurog Act 2022

The Seilurog Act 2022[3]

An legislative measure to reform and change the fundamental foundations of the nation

and to codify into the law the institutions and roles of the parliamentary commonwealth.

13/02/2022 Entirely Active
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  3. The Seilurog Act 2022 Seilurog File:The The Seilurog Act 2022 Seilurog.pdf