Seigneurie of Rosemia

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Seigneurie of Rosemia

Flag of Rosemia.svg
Coat of arms

God Save the Seigneur[a]

CapitalViceroyal Palace (de facto)
Largest territoryHans Island (ceremonial)
Official languages
Short nameRosemia

GovernmentFederated viceroyal protectorate of Naveria
- MonarchHRH Grand Duke Casper I
- ProtectorHVH Seigneur Carl I

EstablishedPisces 12020 (as independent empire)
2 Aquarius 12021 (unification with Naveria)

Area claimed130 ha (estimate)
CurrencyRosemian dollar
Date formatdd/mm/yy (Holocene-Asgardian calendar)
Calling code+1
Intranet TLD.nav[1]

The Seigneurie of Rosemia (referred to colloquially as Rosemia) is a protectorate of the Commonwealth of Naveria, often classified as a micronation by external observers. It consists of two noncontiguous territories, including part of a citizen's residence and Hans Island. Alongside the Grand Duchy of Parthia, it is one of two direct successors of the Empire of Rosemia. The Seigneurie was established on the second day of Aquarius 12021.

Rosemia is the first and only protectorate of Naveria, a federated state with high autonomy which is almost exclusively subject to the governance of the Naverian monarch and its own local government. Its Protector and highest authority is HVH Seigneur Carl I. Because the Protector holds the legal distinction of viceroy, Carl and the House of Werzberg are entitled to rule Rosemia as a Viceroyal Family.

As a protectorate, Rosemia is unable to maintain its own foreign policy. However, it is allowed to interact with Naverian allies through a Ministry for External Affairs, and cooperate with the Naverian Secretariat for Foreign Affairs in order to strengthen relations which are of benefit to the protectorate. Its mutual recognition agreement with Krunmark was transferred to Naveria when the Seigneurie was established, and the Protector has since provided input on diplomatic relations with Ikonia and Austenasia.


The Empire of Rosemia began relations with Naveria when a treaty of mutual recognition between the two nations was signed on 08 Gemini 2020, several days after Naveria had become independent from Phokland. This treaty was later rescinded, after the government of Rosemia announced that it would become inactive in 12021. HIM Emperor Carl I of Rosemia contacted the Naverian government after the cease of diplomacy and proposed a union between the countries on the twenty-seventh day of Ophiuchus 12020, as an effort to combat Rosemian inactivity and place some of the nation's assets under trustworthy sovereignty. Other parts of the Empire were transferred to the Grand Duchy of Parthia, formerly a Rosemian vassal state, which became independent in hopes of cooperation with the Holy Roman Empire.

In addition to the division of his dominion, Emperor Carl negotiated several agreements on the function of Rosemia as part of Naveria. Rosemia would be designated as a viceroyal protectorate in order to preserve its monarchy, peerage, military and home rule. Additionally, the monarch of Naveria would adopt the adjunctive title of High King of Rosemia-Naveria to describe his authority over Naveria and Rosemia.

Despite a majority of these agreements being finalized within weeks of the proposal of unification, the written agreement took two months to draft, and last-minute changes were made. Sertor Valentinus, a West Sayvillian politician and a trusted advisor of HRH Grand Duke Casper I of Naveria, suggested the use of the title of Seigneur for the Protector of Rosemia, in reference to the seigneurial system of New France; and Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra provided a coronet for use within the protectorate. The final draft of the written agreement was called the Treaty of Rosemia, and created the Seigneurie of Rosemia on 02 Aquarius 12021.


Rosemia is protected by the Viceroyal Army, consisting of several small divisions coast guards and ground forces. HVH Seigneur Carl I holds the rank of Generalissimo and is able to direct any military action within the borders of Rosemia. He is only superseded by HRH Grand Duke Casper I of Naveria, the Grand Generalissimo, who is able to direct any military action both within and without Rosemian borders.



  1. The song was initially referred to as God Save the Emperor within Rosemia, but was altered upon its annexation by Naveria.
  2. The Rosemian population consists of one citizen and three administrative subjects.


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