Sedro-Woolley Accords

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The Sedro-Woolley Accords also known as the Sedro-Woolley Agreement, is a treaty that Emperor Anthony I and "Xander Renkema" signed on 17 August 2019. This treaty was made as a response to the offer by "Renkema", which would later become proven to be a hoax.

The Sedro-Woolley Agreement


Chapter 1: Rights

Article 1: Saspearian shall take possession of the territory that Xander Renkema offers.

  • a. Citizens can purchase land if up for sale.
  • b. Government owned land is to be decided on.
  • c. Advertising in billboards can be done with a permit.

Article 2: Citizens have the rights to freedom and life.

  • a. The citizens will all count on census(es).

Chapter 2: Autonomy

Article 1: Renkema colony will be formed effectively after the signing of this treaty.

  • a. In order to declare independence from Saspearian the supramajority must agree to secede.