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Secundomian Media is a privately owned company led by Parker I. The Secundomian Government endorses many of their operations, including Secundomia TV and Secundomian News.


Secundomian Media was founded on May 19, 2010, it included Secundomian News, the Intermicronational Tribune, and Secundomia TV.


Secundomian Media operates several services, like Secundomian News, Secundomia TV, and the Intermicronational Tribune.

Secundomian News

Secundomian News
Format Online
Type News Website
Owner Secundomian Media
Editor Parker I

Parker I
Nate I

Founded 10 April 2010
Political Allegiance Neutral
Language(s) English
Published on Wordpress
Distributed In Secundomia

Secundomian News is edited by Parker I. It deals with all Secundomian and Sterling news. It was created on April 10, 2010. It operates like the St.Charlian Observer, using to publish news stories in a non-periodical format.

Secundomia Weekly

Secundomia Weekly is a proposed newspaper to be published in a periodical format every saturday. It was proposed by Nate I, who would be it's editor. It is not known whether or not this will become official.

Secundomia TV

Secundomia TV is Secundomian Media's television news service. Although originally intended for LiveStream, it is now operating on youtube. It is located here.

Intermicronational Tribune

The Intermicronational Tribune will focus on Intermicronational news. It will be published weekly on MicroWiki, using A4 PDF format.