Second Republic of Kayenay

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Second Republic of Kayenay
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Kayenay is Free Forever
Largest cityCohen's Loop
Official languagesEnglish, French
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy, Direct Democracy
EstablishmentJuly 31, 2018
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Micro-Republic of Kayenay
Aedrian Empire
Office of Kayenay

The Second Republic Of Kayenay, otherwise known as Kayenay, Diamond, or Powergarden was a micronation that was founded on July 31, 2018. It is the successor the Micro-Republic of Kayenay and the predecessor to The United Territories of Star Hill. It began the process of dissolution on 4 December 2020, and ending on the 8th of the same month, after being on a government shutdown state for a 10-month period.



The Micro-Republic of Kayenay had a merger with 2 other nations to create the Aedrian Empire, on July 19, 2018. Kayenay then operated under the name of "Aedrian State of the Diamond", and moving the capital to Powergarden from Fort KNA. Aedria was very unstable, and after tensions between the three, ended up dissolving on 31 July 2018, thus establishing the Second Republic of Kayenay.

NADP/WDTP And Restructuring of Kayenay

After parting ways with the other two nations, Kayenay joined NADP in the middle of the New Austas-NADP War, Having previous experiences.

At this period, Delphia was leading NADP. Delphia, being in the Delphian Sector, suffered mass amounts of warfare in that region, still continuing as of December 2020. Notable events include a time when a livestream by the nation of the now-defunct Astain, when midway through, Delphia was invaded by what seemed to be rebels, which turned out to be the Pablo Mexican Empire. A NADP emergency meeting was held, kickstarting the Pablo-Delphian War.

Later on, NADP, now called WDTP, had to deal with countless other things, such as conflicts with the nation of Naun. Kayenay also recieved two declarations of war, one from Catholique Socialist Republic in September 2018, in which got the declaration pulled back, and one from Everland (After being ridiculed by the micronational community over claims of roleplaying, which ended up sparking a war), both of which Kayenay declined, arguing that it requires both parties to sign a declaration of war

In December 2018, Kayenay attemped to start the Suordian Development project, which ended up failing.


After December 2018., Government involvement deteriorated to almost zero by May 2019, along with Kayenay leaving WDTP. There was an attempt at picking things back up in January–February 2019, but that attempt failed to pick up enough action to slip back into activity, to the point where only 1 person, the President, was a government official.

Return from Inactivity and Government Shutdown

On November 8, 2019, The President returned, creating a new amendment to the Constitution, including adding a charter of human rights, as well as passing the Kayenay Fair Price Act.

Even this return wasn't sufficient enough, however. in February 2020, the President issued a full government shutdown, originally scheduled to end in March of that year, but after the Coronavirus Pandemic, a major identity concealment happened, disguising Kayenay as "Cornland", and isolating Kayenay from every other micronation.

Dissolving of Kayenay

On December 4, 2020, the President returned again, to write the Dissolution Act of 2020, to dissolve Kayenay into a new autonomous republic called The Office of Kayenay, with the dissolution finishing on the 8th of December. the Office of Kayenay was created to handle extra affairs, before it gets scheduled to dissolve on December 8, 2021, unless a further law is passed to extend that date, or the Kayenayan Emergency Revert System allows the government to revert to a previous time.

Diplomatic Relations

During Membership in WDTP

While in NADP (later WDTP), Kayenay established many diplomatic relations with others. Notable ones include:

After WDTP

Diplomatic relations include:


Catholiques False Conflict

An argument between the President of Kayenay and the substitute leader of the Catholiques Socialist Republic over the legitimacy of Catholiques' Land Claims ended up causing war being declared on by the substitute leader. Kayenay responded to this by claiming it as an impulsive action, and declined the request of war. Eventually, upon the return of CSR's leader Aidan McGrath, the declaration was pulled back. [citation needed]