Second Coalition (organisation)

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The Second Coalition
Banner of the Second Coalition
De Olivae Ramum, Pacem

“Anthem of the Second Coalition"

MembershipTwo Member States
Official languagesEnglish

GovernmenanceCentral Committe of the Second Coalition
Committee Members-
.- Rev. Trystan Cline
.- Sir Daniel Morris
.- Rev. James H. Whittle

Legislative BodyGeneral Assembly of the Second Coalition

Established25th of June 2013

The Second Coalition is an intermicronational treaty organisation, formed as a successor to the Coalition of International Micro-States by four of it's previous members; the Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris, the Rt. Hon. Rev James H Whittle, and the Rt. Hon. Trystan Cline, who now make up the Central Committee of the Second Coalition. The Second Coalition, currently has two member states; the Republic of New Westphalia and the Republic of Caladonia.

The Organisation was founded after the untimely demise of the Coalition of International Micro-States, as a kind of successor to C.I.M.S., however it was founded to have a more clear structure and goals than its predecessor. The ultimate goals of the Second Coalition are to create peace and friendship between its member nations, encourage political debate and discussion and to increase diplomacy between the member states.

History of the Second Coalition

The Second Coalition was founded in the aftermath of the collapse of CIMS in July 2013. Whilst CIMS had been a large and, at times successful, organisation, it lacked the structure and constitution required of any large organisation and hence was unable to cope with the massive influx of members under General Secretary Prince Yogi I of Inesia. Various emergency measures were put in place under General Secretary Trystan Cline OWS, however these simply weren't enough to stop the organisation collapsing in on itself.

After meetings between the four founding members, it was concluded that CIMS was not salvageable and that the best course of action was to disband CIMS and attempt to found a more coherent organisation, with better governance structures, constitutional bases and rules.

Membership of the Second Coalition

Membership Criteria

One of the reasons recognised for the downfall of CIMS was its very loose membership criteria with many member states simply joining and doing nothing, or in some cases destabilising elections. The creation of the CIMS Membership Committee towards the end of CIMS's existence was not enough to save CIMS from collapse, however the Central Committee voted on the sixth of August to enact the same membership criteria as were laid down in the formation of the CIMS Membership Committee.

The Central Committee acts as the membership committee and reviews each new admission individually; looking at the individual, their history, the micronation and its history and any other relevant factors. The Central Committee also has the responsibility of removing members who become inactive or who express a wish to leave. Ejections on disciplinary grounds will fall under the disciplinary codes still to be laid down.

Member States

Member State Flag Join Date Leave Date Notes
High Kingdom of Draega Union of Draegan Republics Flag1.png Twenty Fifth of June 2013 First of August 2013 Became Part of New Westphalia
C.P.R. of Strathy Strathan Flag Concept 3.png Twenty Fifth of June 2013 First of August 2013 Became Part of New Westphalia
M.S.R. of Trystansburg Trystansburg.jpeg Twenty Fifth of June 2013 First of August 2013 Became Part of New Westphalia
Republic of New Westphalia New Westphalia Flag.png First of August 2013 N/A Formed by Merger of Draega, Strathy and Trystansburg
Republic of Caladonia Caladonian Flag.png Twenty Fifth of June 2013 N/A N/A