Second Brotherton Cabinet (Roscamistan)

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Second Brotherton Cabinet
3rd presidential ministry of  Roscamistan Flag of Roscamistan.svg
Andrew Brotherton dark mode.png
Date formed 23 June 2021
Date dissolved 19 March 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Andrew Brotherton
Deputy head of government Culann Burke
Adam Flannery
Head of state Andrew Brotherton
No. of ministers 0
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 14
Member party
(from 23 June 2021 to 1 December 2021) (Unknown) (5 November 2021 to 1 December 2021) (1 December 2021 onwards)
Status in legislature Majority, not elected
Election(s) First appointment
Legislature term(s) Rump Reichstag, first National Assembly
Budget(s) €189
Previous Irwin Cabinet
Successor Burke Cabinet

The Second Brotherton Cabinet was the third cabinet of the Republic of Roscamistan, and the second cabinet of Andrew Brotherton. It was also the longest lasting cabinet in the State’s history, outlasting the First Brotherton Cabinet by nearly 6 months, and the Irwin Cabinet by around 8 months. On 19 March 2022 it dissolved after Brotherton’s term in office expired.


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
All important policy issues and all other portfolios not allocated to any minister.
 Andrew Brotherton23 June 202119 March 2022United Party
Vice President Culann Burke23 June 202118 November 2021Independent
 Adam Flannery22 November 202119 March 2022United Party
First Secretary of State Andrew Brotherton23 June 202116 September 2021Freedom Party
 Adam Flannery16 September 202121 October 2021Freedom Party
 Katherine Keadivich21 October 202118 November 2021Independent
 Andrew Brotherton (acting)18 November 202128 November 2021United Party
 Culann Burke28 November 2021presentIndependent (affiliated with United Party)
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Andrew Brotherton18 February 202113 August 2021Freedom Party
 Katherine Keadivich13 August 202129 October 2021Independent
 Adam Flannery29 October 202128 November 2021United Party
 Andrew Brotherton28 November 2021presentUnited Party
Secretary of State for Defence Andrew Brotherton23 June 20214 July 2021Freedom Party
 Christopher Waldron4 July 20211 October 2021Independent
 Adam Flannery1 October 202115 May 2022United Party
Secretary of State for Home Affairs Fearghas MacLochlainn22 July 2021presentUnited Party
Secretary of State for Finance Luke O’ReillyJuly 2021early August 2021Independent
 Kacper WitehEarly August 2021September 2021Independent
 Luke O’ReillySeptember 20213 November 2021Independent
 Dean Merritt28 November 202124 December 2021United Party
 Barry Fennell24 December 202119 January 2022Independent
 Matthew Williams19 January 2022presentUnited Party
Secretary of State for Local Government Lily DivineyJuly 20213 November 2021Independent
 Katherine Keadivich28 November 202119 April 2022Independent
Secretary of State for Citizenship Affairs Andrew Brotherton22 February 2022presentUnited Party
Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment Matthew Williams1 November 202130 December 2021United Party
 Jan Kotonski30 December 202115 May 2022United Party
Minister of Transportation Jan Kotonski16 January 2022presentUnited Party
Minister of Agriculture Tadhg O’ReganApril 20215 October 2021United Party
 Evan O’Neill5 October 202128 November 2021United Party
 Samuel Newman28 November 202115 May 2022United Party