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Unthirlism, kent as secessionism in the Inglis leid forby, is the maist recognised an acceptit teep o micronaitionalism, in whilk a bein clems tae be a sequestrate naition or sovrain state bit is wee eneuch fur kintras tae generalie tent. Newlins, the wird unthirlism haes stairtit bein uist tae tell the odds atweesh whit haes historicalie been the weel-kent teep o micronaitionalism fae simulationism.

The muckle feck o ootby an academic leukers o micronaitionalism uise a primpit an onstaundin - iven gin de facto jokie - clem tae sovraintie as the decidin factir tae tell the odds atweesh a micronaition an imaigint kintra, or a geofictional project.