Scribe of the Micronational Assembly

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Scribe of the Micronational Assembly
Matt Laptev

since 2 June 2021
AppointerChairman of the Micronational Assembly
Inaugural holderSimon White
FormationBetween September 2019 and February 2020

The Scribe of the Micronational Assembly is an appointed position in the Micronational Assembly. The main job of the Scribe is to record news, resolutions, and other information regarding the Assembly in a weekly or daily Scribe Report. It was established during the term of Robert B. Williams IV, as the Assembly needed an individual to record and archive important information. Simon White was the inaugural holder of the position. Matt Laptev is currently the incumbent Scribe.

List of Scribes of the Micronational Assembly

No. Scribe Portrait Term start Term end
1 Simon White
N/A ? May 2020
2 Anthony I
Portrait of Emperor Anthony I (2020).jpg May 2020 1 August 2020
3 Connor Shaw
Kingdom of Jehovah
Coat of arms of Connor Shaw.svg 1 August 2020 October 2020
4 A.Y
First Grand Herzetian Caliphate
Herzetia.png October 2020 November 2020
5 Diamiter Chase
Jewel Republic
Jewelrepublic.jpg November 2020 18 February 2021
6 Anthony I
Portrait of Emperor Anthony I (2020).jpg 18 February 2021 2 June 2021
7 Matt Laptev
Kingdom of Bepistan
Flag of Bepistan.svg 2 June 2021 Incumbent