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Woking, United Kingdom
Official language(s)English
Area claimed50,000m²
Population60 (as of 2019 census)
CurrencyNanoCoin and the Scottvian Pound
Time zone(UTC)
National sportMilitary March
Member of The Micronation Union of England

Hail Scottvia, Land of the Free to prosper O' Scottvian land is wealthy O' kingdom come, God is our foundation O' worry not Scottvia, you are in safe hands.


Scottvia was formed by Noah Schollick, Jack Smith and lathinie. Scottvia has very close relations with the MUE'. it was formed with Lathanian article 5 laws. The languages spoken in Scottvia are English and Artestablian. The Demonym is "Scottvian". 25 official residents are living there according to the LATHANIAN INTELLIGENCE FORCE.


SCOTTVIA IS CONTINUING Talks with the MUE and lathinie with weapons. scottvia is armed with melee weapons and ARs.. the number of troops is 5 reserves and 20 active personnel. no other has been discovered or in the scottvian record. its military is small but strong.


the SSF is a special forces. they are strong with 4 active personel and 2 reserves.

S.i.d.1 (scottvian infantry devison 1)

Lathinie has funded S.i.d.1 and asked if they would link in with C.T.O.S.F.L of lathinie.

s.i.d.1 HAS bee in no operation yet, but it is operative and running and funded by lathinie. it HAS been in no major wars with anyone but has been on minor operations. as listed: proclamation of s.e green, claiming west end territory and war of green pond.

Scottvian army cores

s.e.d.1 troops=2

s.m.d.1 troops=4

s.i.d.1 troops=4

s.a.d.1 troops=5

s.s.d.1 troops=5

sff troops=4

Nuclear program

The nuclear program of scottvia is run by the air force general Fredrick wright and Scottvian scientists are continuing research with Lathinie, Frazzland and MUE.

Lathinie discarded nuclear plans and stottvia are recently lacking in technology

the war on overtaking lathinie

a failed war of scottvia the peace treaty is as followed

The peace treaty between scottvia and Lathinie

The war between scottvia and lathinie has been going on for 4 days and after scottvia’s surrender, the two countries have decided to make peace. The conditions of this treaty come under terms that have been made scottvia’s head of air force bearing in mind the two countries interest and laws.

1. The countries will have freedom of trade. The two countries that have once been in conflict have agreed to trade with each other once more so that they can benefit from the produce of the other country.

2. They will protect the other country’s interest unless threating their own.

3. The countries will not engage in any conflict that affects any of the nation’s people.

4. The countries will have annual meeting to commemorate each country’s freedom and peace that will not be infringed by the other nation.

5. Both nations will withdraw all forces unless helping the other with law and order enforcement.

6. In case of an infringement of national sovereignty, the other country will aid and support the other country until the other country feels endangered.

7. Diplomats can exit and enter the countries freely and when needed to.

8. Conflicts will be resolved by peace talks held every three months.

9. the allies of both country will end the conflict in the other country and its territories.

The betrayal of lathinie

Scottvia released a milliary operation on lathinie sending spies into the land of lathinie. This caused a conflict between the lathanian state of UCLEA. Scottvia caused the UCLEA`n partition. Lathinie was not happy with Scottvia following tension between lathinie and scottvia. This would make lathinie lose trust in scottvia. Following this argument. UCLEA threatened to kick lathinie out of the MUE. (lathinie is the MoD of the MUE. Scottvia planned a surgical strike on lathinie but the L.I.B (lathinies secret service). this would mark an end of a strong relationship of two countries as lathinie helped and developed scottvia and tried to make them follow the rules of the MUE.

vacancies in Scottvian government

Name Position
Noah Scholloick President
Jack Smith Vice President
Vote needed Head of Defence
Fredrick Wright Air Force General
Jacob Griffin Land Force General
Reece Fraser Sea Force General
Alex Perry Special Ops General
Vote needed Head of Emergency Services
Vote needed Head of Foreign Relations
Sam Chapman Head of Policing
Emily Nixson Head of Education
Charlotte franklin Head of National Health Service
Reece Fraser Head of Trade
Reece Fraser Head of Arrivals
Will Taylor Head of S.I.D.1
Alexandreu Regeu MUE Representative

Scottvian Parties in the MUE

Currently, there are 2 parties. Le Libra Dämocraten d'Scottvia and the Presidential Party.