Imperial City of Sarnopolis

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Imperial City of Sarnopolis
Flag of Sarnopolis 1.jpgNocoa.png

In Jom we trust
Map of Colony.png
Map of Sarnopolis
Capital citySarnopolis (City-State)
Official language(s)Imperial Shan
Official religion(s)Buddhism 50%
Christianity 20%
Sikhism 10%
Short nameSarnopolis
GovernmentImperial Assembly of Sarnopolis
- CakkavattiMaha Jom Mueang
- First Imperial MinisterLenard Sciancalepore
- ViceroyStevus Jominius I
LegislatureDevolved Imperial Assembly
Area claimed30.5 km²
Population5000 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencySarnopolitan Dollar
Time zoneAustralian Central Standard Time
National sportLacrosse
National animalBrown Snake
Patron saintCoreanicus
This nation is a member of the United Empire

The Imperial City of Sarnopolis is a micronation located on the western side of Lake Gairdner in South Australia. It is the only Imperial Territory within Australia.


The name is derived from the last name of Christopher Sarno and polis, the Greek word for city.

Government and politics

Sarnopolis' legislature is a Devolved Imperial Assembly directly ruled by the Imperial Sarnopolis People's Party or more popularly known as "The Chilli Ring"

Law and order

The Chilli Ring also acts as the state's judicial body. The Imperial Sarnopolis Police (SARNOPOL) is the official law enforcement body of Sarnopolis.


The Imperial Sarnopolis Legion is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Sarnopolis. The Legion originated as a Japanese majority contingent of the Imperial Foreign Legion that was sent out to populate Sarnopolis during its founding.