Kingdom of Saqqara

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Kingdom of Saqqara
October 2003 - June/July 2013
Official language English
Date founded October 2003
Government Absolute Monarchy
Kings HM King John I (2003)
HM King Declan I (2003 - 2011)
HM King Ptolemy IV (2011 - 2013)

The Kingdom of Saqqara was a subkingdom and client state of the Kingdom of Wilcsland, founded as a vassal of the Kingdom of Atlantis in October 2003, and falling under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom of New Wessex.


In September 2003, King Declan I founded the Kingdom of Atlantis in the Forgotten Realms.

The Kingdom of Atlantis was the most powerful nation in this new region, with the King ruling from the capital of Atlantos.

The Kingdom of Saqqara was created as a vassal state to Atlantis in October 2003 by Declan I. King John I was appointed vassal king to Declan I, but after the two kingdoms came into conflict with the neighbouring Kingdom of Thebes the King of Atlantis personally took over the throne of Saqqara in November to oversee the war himself. The three kingdoms entered into personal union under Declan I after he defeated the King of Thebes in battle later that month.

Saqqara continued to exist as a vassal of Atlantis and became a subkingdom of its successor state the Taklamacan in October 2005, therefore becoming a subkingdom of Wilcsland in November 2010. On 19 September 2011, Declan I as King of Wilcsland gave the throne of Saqqara to the then Emperor Esmond III, who ruled Saqqara as King Ptolemy IV until June 2013, when Saqqara was completely integrated into Wilcsland, its subkingdom status being abolished.