Sandyford Democratic People's Labour Party

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Sandyford Democratic People's Labour Party
LeaderGary Jagger
PresidentAlan Simons
FoundedMay 1st 2010
HeadquartersGreystoke Gardens, Sandyford.
NewspaperDemocratic Labour News
Youth wingSandyford Democratic People's Labour Youth (SDPLY)
National affiliationSandyford Free State
Official coloursGreen and White


The SDPLP was founded on the same day as the Sandyford Free State by four of those brave pioneers who were instrumental in founding the nation.

The SDPLP was established to put forward social democratic, pro trade union, and progressive ideas. The party's founding leader (and premier of the SFS) Gary Jagger had hoped that Sandyford could avoid party politics and that everyone could work together to build the new nation. However at the boisterous and vibrant founding meeting and first session of the parliament, it became clear that co-founder and national president Muriél Dé Santozi intended to set up a party that would promote an openly rightwing agenda, especially with regards to taxation and banking, so the founding fathers and mothers of the SDPLP were forced into action by outside events.


Membership is open to any citizen of the SFS who supports it's aims and principles. There are two classes of membership, full members who are not members of any other Sandyfordian political party, and 'affiliated' members who can be members of other Sandyford based parties, but only get a single vote between them for their party. Currently the party has 4 full members and 2 members who are seeking to form a 'Progressive Green' party but are currently working within the SDPLP.