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Sandsibar is an empire created on 6/30/2019 by Jacob Schopp Emperor of Sandsibar. All emperors of Sandibar are given the official title. Ruler of the sands.

The Empire of Sandsibar is an enclave of the FSM. 9°55'58.5"N 139°48'38.5"E

Sandsibar is a dictatorship. Emperor Jacob rules with the help of nobility who are assigned by the emperor himself.

Dual citizenship is recognized and permitted. There are three main methods to become a citizen of Sandsibar:

  1. Apply to the Emperor, Ruler of the sands.
  2. Marriage to a citizen of Sandsibar.
  3. Pilgrimage to Sandsibar

The national currency of sandsibar is the golden dabloon. Due to the country's current gold shortage, plastic dabloons are used as stand in currency.

There is unfortunately no suitable housing at this time. This is of upmost precedent within the nation.