San Andrean legislative election, July 2012

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The San Andrean legislative elections, July 2012 is the second legislative elections held in the People's State of San Andreas. It was the first election held after the ratification of the country's second constitution following the collapse of the civilian government and declaration of martial law. It saw the election of the Third People's Assembly. The election were held on July 13, 2013.

Cadidates and voters

All citizens who were residing in Urbonia, the capital city of San Andreas, were made candidates and were eligible to vote. They voted for, in their opinion, the best people to be part of the Third People's Assembly.

Election results

Summary of the July 2012 People's Assembly elections by candidate
Political Party Name Popular Vote %
Independent Noel Cabe 4 33.3%
Independent Philip Lacerna 4 33.3%
Independent Eldridge Parra 2 16.8%
Independent Michael Basco 1 8.3%
Independent Jonan Ingan 1 8.3%
Total 12 100.0%
Voter turnout 6 100.0%
Registered voters 6 100.0%

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