Samuel Hughes

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Governor-General Sir Samuel Stephen Hughes of Greater Polskania, Deputy of the Rose is a Camurian politician.

Camuria land flag.png
Honorific-prefix Governor-General
Name Samuel Stephen Hughes
Nationality English
Order Seventh
Office Governor-General of Greater Polskania
Term Start 8th November 2008
Predecessor N/A
Religion Roman Catholic

Early life

Samuel Hughes was born and brought up on mainland Camuria. He went to the school on the island and in for they younger years of his life never took an interest in politics or the day-to-day running of the country.

Career in politics

Samuel Hughes is a high ranking member of the Conservative Party of Camuria, and has risen to a quite high civilian rank in the Upper House. During the Second Misthasian War, Minister Samuel Hughes was a quite active pro-war party member and was always in support of the King, to send more troops out. During the end of the war he went out as a commander on the front line, and captured King Daniel. After a Camurian victory, he was one of the men who helped draft the surrender treaty and for all his hard work, he was appointed Governor-General of the new province of Greater Polskania. He also received the honor of becoming a member of the Order of the Rose, for his services towards the country and is now Second in command of the order, as Deputy of the Rose. He is now one of the major players in the Camurian political front and has been made Commander-in-Chief of the Ministry of Military Intelligence.