Samizdat War on European Union

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Samizdat War on the EU
Date3 July 2019 – present
Samizdat, European Union and cyberspace (mainly MicroWiki and
Status Ongoing
Samizdat  European Union

The State of Samizdat has not declared war on any sovereign nation, though it did declare war on the European Union on the 25th January 2020. This followed several warnings made to the European Commission on the issue of the Brexit Withdrawal Treaty. Samizdat considers the EU Treaty to be an attack on the freedoms and rights of the British people and intended the declaration of war to reflect this.

Our reason for sending this warning is that the British people have been betrayed by their representatives, and that unbeknown to them, the Withdrawal Bill was passed by parliament on the 22nd on October and is now British law.


Tensions between the State of Samizdat and the EU had been high before the declaration of war in January 2020. On 3 July 2019, when the EU's head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, was declared persona non grata; the government responded with its first warning on a declaration of war.

The State of Samizdat regards the EU's Withdrawal Treaty as an act of humiliating aggression against the British people. We reserve the right under the Charter of the United Nations to declare war on the European Union in "self-defence". If the EU pushes the Withdrawal Agreement through the UK government without the consent of the British people, the State of Samizdat will first give an explicit warning under Article 1 of the Hague Convention (III) of 1907, then make a formal Declaration of War announcement before opening hostilities.

— Warning on Declaration of War, 9th August 2019

On 14 October 2019, the State of Samizdat demanded the resignation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Propaganda war poster published 25 August 2020. Download
War Bonds issued on 24 February 2021. Download

The declaration of war did not extend to EU member states, but rather the European Union itself; due to the EU, although not a sovereign nation, acts like a sovereign nation, according to Samizdat. It has a flag, national anthem and even aspires to having its own army. Therefore considering it right to denounce the European Union as a "pretend nation".

In its final warning to the EU on the 24th October 2019, the State declaring the following:

With this warning we are making it clear to the European Commission that a state of war will exist between the EU and the State of Samizdat if the Withdrawal Treaty is ratified. A final, formal Declaration of War will be sent to the EU by the State of Samizdat, as required under the Charter of the United Nations. This declaration is legal under the UN charter in cases of self-defence. We regard this situation as a direct attack against the British people who have the right to defend themselves from EU enslavement.

On 27 January 2020, the State of Samizdat declared the EU Withdrwal Treaty to be null and void along with all other treaties [and] agreements passed by the European Union and ECC since its foundation, declaring they had no legal validity after having been declared "illegal" by state decree. Treaties noted included the Maastricht Treaty, Treaty of Rome‎ and the Treaty of Lisbon‎.

As of time of writing, a state of war between the EU and Samizdat still exists. So far there have been several attacks launched against the MicroWiki page of the State of Samizdat insofar the date of the declaration of war. (26 January 2020) The attack was carried out by a group calling itself the gayniggersrevengeforce. The deleted content was restored by MicroWiki.

Update on News Report regarding Samizdat Wiki attacks, 27th January 2020

A new pro-EU radical feminist group calling itself the League for European Federalism in Samizdat (LEFS) has since threatened to overthrow the government of Samizdat. The group's demands, which were published in a social network called Minds, included a demand that Greta Thumberg be declared "a national hero".

Timeline of War against the European Union and Related Events (Old to New)

Date Event Notes
3 July 2019 State of Samizdat declares the EU's new head of diplomacy Josep Borrell persona non grata. Still Applies
6 July 2019 The State of Samizdat commits itself to recognising the UK if it leaves the EU by October 31 2019. Deadline missed by Boris Johnson; thus the UK was not recognised. Offer of recognition does not apply to the January 31st deadline.
9 August 2019 First warning sent to the European Commission over possible declaration of war. First warning
29 September 2019 The State of Samizdat appoints Ana Gabriel as Honorary Consul /Ambassador to the EU. Appointment
14 October 2019 The State of Samizdat calls on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign. Resignation demand
24 October 2019 The State of Samizdat sends EU Commission explicit war warning over Brexit. Warning
30 October 2019 The State of Samizdat urges the British people to vote for the Brexit Party in the General Election. Brexit vote
31 October 2019 Brexit Deadline missed; United Kingdom not recognised.
11 November 2019 The State of Samizdat urges the British people to vote against the Withdrawal Treaty. Statement
2 December 2019 The State of Samizdat calls on the EU's new foreign minister to resign. Statement
12 December 2019 2019 United Kingdom general election takes place, Conservatives win a majority. Brexit Party did not win a majority.
13 December 2019 The State of Samizdat urges Boris Johnson to drop the Withdrawal Treaty. Statement
9 January 2020 The State of Samizdat rejects the EU's Withdrawal Treaty and calls on the UK to leave the EU with a clean break. Statement
11 January 2020 The State of Samizdat condemns the EU's decision to suspend Oriol Junqueras as an MEP and calls for his immediate release from prison.
11 January 2020 The State of Samizdat calls on the House of Lords to protect the rights of the British people in the Brexit process.
25 January 2020 The State of Samizdat declares war on the European Union. Declaration of War; war ongoing.
26 January 2020 The State of Samizdat condemns attacks on its Wiki page. Statement
27 January 2020 The State of Samizdat declares the EU Withdrawal Treaty null and void. Declaration
29 January 2020 The State of Samizdat declares ALL European Union treaties null and void. Declaration
30 January 2020 The State of Samizdat bans the flying of EU flags on its territory. Declaration
2 March 2020 Oriol Junqueras recognised as a political prisoner. Statement
8 Mar 2020 A Pro-EU, Intersectional feminist hate group, threatens to overthrow government of Samizdat in a coup.This group is now defunct. group demands
25 Aug 2020 New war propaganda poster published. Confirmation