Samantha I

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Samantha I of Schalamzaar
شهبانو سامانتا
Official Photo
Empress of Schalamzaar
18 September 2014
Personal information
Born May, 30th, 1996
Religion Schalamzaari Neo-Paganism

Samantha I of Schalamzaar, officially known as Her Imperial Majesty Samantha I (Persian: علیاحضرت والامقام سامانتای نخست) is the empress of Schalamzaar Empire and high queen of controlled lands.

Personal life

She's born in May 30 1996 in Iran, Tehran. She lived in the city Tehran for about fourteen years then her family had to migrate to south of Iran, in Hormozgan province. She studied mathematics and physics in high school, then at the age of 17, she returned to the city Tehran.

She continued her education in field of computer engineering and in 2019, graduated in bachelor's degree of computer hardware engineering.

Coming out as trans

She was born as a male person and had an assigned gender of "man". But in Summer 2018, she mentioned that she's not a guy anymore and came out as a trans woman to her close friends. She also started hormone replacement therapy in fall 2018.


2004 - 2014

She actually had a dream of being a monarch since her childhood. In 2004, when she was almost ten years old, she claimed that she's monarch of an imaginary land. And designed flags, seals and even money bills. But when she grew older (in 2009) she almost gave up on being a monarch or ruler of an independent country.

2014 - 2016

Declaration of Schalamzaar's independence

September 18th, 2014, she joined a community on the Wikia's network and made an account to declare Schalamzaar's independence. She declared Schalamzaar as a great middle eastern empire and started making alliances and diplomatic relations.

Conflicts with other nations

Between 2013 and 2016, Schalamzaar had a bunch of conflicts with other nations such as the Templar Kingdom (see outremar conflict, which resulted a long period of silence from Schalamzaari officials.

2018 - Present

In 2018, she returned and re-made some web pages related to the her empire. In last days of 2019, she also declared her transition in facebook page of the empire and started joining micronational communities to make new relations and alliances.