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Country Enocht Flag.png Sovereign Duchy of Enocht
Official Name Territory of Salish
Capital Patos Island
Status Territory
Incorporated January 1, 2017
Governor Sovereign Duke Mark I
Population 1
Area 75.5 km2
Time Zone Pacific

Salish, officially the Territory of Salish, is located in the Salish Sea. Salish is bordered by the U.S. State of Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia and is around 30 kilometers west of Bellingham.

The government of Salish is headed by Governor Mikolai, who is also the Minister of Propaganda. The headquarters of the Ministry of Propaganda is located in Salish's capital, Patos Island.


Salish encompasses 14 islands between Bellingham and Duncan. All of the islands are densely forested and are only accessable by boat.

The larger ones include:

  • Puffin Island
  • Matia Island
  • Sucia Island
  • Patos Island

U.S. Occupation

Enocht allows the United States to occupy portions of Salish to operate a lighthouse on Patos Island. The lighthouse is 12 meters tall.

Washington State Parks operates the protected lands within Salish under their state parks system.

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