Salale Without Borders (SWB)

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Salale Without Borders (SWB), officially the Kingdom/Queendom of Salale Without Borders, is a claimed micro-nation and a social movement for Tuulama eviction memory reconstruction. Its origin is from Ethiopia. It has been founded by Dr. Birhanu Megersa Lenjiso and headquartered in three different countries (Ethiopia, Kenya and USA) where the homes of its founder is located. The idea started to commemorate the historical eviction of the Tuulamaa Oromos from their land in central part of Ethiopia where the Capital City, Addis Ababa (aka Finfinnee) is located. The name idealizes the borderless life of the survivors that they are spread all over the country. The main destination of evicted Tuulamas includes Bale, Arsi, Ilu Abba Boora, Hararge, Jimma and Borana. In these places they are mostly known as the Salales. Thus, the main objective of SWB is to become the voice for the voiceless farmers who still live under a threat of urban expansion induced eviction around Addis Ababa. The history of the forceful eviction of Tuulamas is well captured and expressed in their lyrics and songs but understudied and less known even among the young Tuulama Oromos. Therefore, we are planning to conduct a thorough study and documentation of Tuulama eviction memories and use those evidences to create awareness on the danger of threat of eviction and farmer’s insecurity on their productivity, natural resource management and aspiration. Those accounts will also be used to advocate for, and to protect the Tuulama Oromos currently living around Addis Ababa (Finfinnee) from eviction and dispossession.


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