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Safington Flag.png
The Grande Fascist Union of Safington
Motto: N/A
• Infinite Dictator
Robbie Safran
• Estimate
400 (?)


The micronation of Safington or The Grande Fascist Union of Safington is a micronation founded by Robbie Safran in the summer of 2016. It has 2 territorial claims in the state of Vermont.

As with most micronations, the number of members ("citizens") has fluctuated wildly with time. In September 2018, it was claimed to exceed 400 people.


The only leader of Safington has Infinite Dictator Robbie Safran.


-War of 2017 (vs. The Jack Groneman Republic) (Safington Wins)

-War of 2018 (vs. The Communist State of Bread) (Safington Wins)

The flag of Safington. The red represents the red oak leaf, a national symbol, the white represents peace, and the orange represents the great wealth of the nation. The two lightning bolts represent the two territories of Safington, Safington City and the Outer Colony, as well as power and leadership.