Sabinese Overseas Territories

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This is a complete list of overseas territories claimed by Sabina. Citizens of these territories have the same status as thouse from Sabina. They use the Crown Sabina as currency and recive the same Sabina Passport. These territories have no autonomy and are subject to the consitution of the Sabinese Republic.

Name Emblem Description Flag State Representative Population
Sabinese Overseas Territories
The Former Sabinese London Territory
(now: Democratic Citizen's Republic of London)
Londoncoaweb2.png Property located in West London, UK. Londonflagweb.png Exterior President Alban Joseph 5
Sabinese Antartic Territory Sablog2ant.png Claimed lands in Antartica. Sab150-1 ant.png Exterior President Alban Joseph Uninhabited