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Sabinese Republic

República Sabinesa (Spanish)
República de Savina (Catalan)
République Sabinaise (French)

جمهورية سبينيس (Arabic)


You regret what has not been done

Young Sabina Is My Home by Carl Gustav Schmitt

Balearic Islands, Spain
Capital city La Litera
Largest city La Litera
Official language(s)


Short name Sabina
Demonym Sabinese
Government Democratic republic
- Internal President of the Republic Harland Jefferson MP
European Party
- Exterior President of the Republic Alban Joseph MP
Green Citizens' Party
Legislature Sabinese 'Parlament'
Established 2016
Area claimed 0.024km²
Population 13 (as of 2019 census)
Currency Crown Sabina
Time zone (UTC+1)
National sport Bounce Ball
National animal Iberian Lynx
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

Government website

The Sabinese Republic, also known as Sabina, is a micronation located in the Balearic Islands, with a population of 13 citizens. It was founded in 2016 and since has acted a a tounge-in-cheek satire of the modern nation state. It was created on the basis of challenging the nation state concept, and revamping the political process. Sabina has three official languages, Castillian, Catalan and English.


The name Sabina comes from the name of the land the Republic was founded one. Named after the Juniper/Sabina tree. The Balearics were also once ruled by the Moorish war lord Al-Sabini. The Republic itself is named after the Sabinese people, after previously taking the name 'Principality of Sabina' until the abolition of the monarchy in 2018.


Independence day took place on the 26th of October 2016, when those living on the land declared soverenty over it. Sabina's constitution requires that Sabina respects the soverity of the Kingdom of Spain over the land as long as the nation can visibly exist over it. Sabina was also founded on that basis that it would be a beacon of european identity. Most Sabinese are settlers from Britian, so English was always an official language along with Spanish and Catalan.

Government and politics

Bianually , voters elect their Member of the Sabinese 'Parlament' on the last Friday of July and the First Monday of September. These MPs vote on legislation proposed by the government, in the capital of La Litera. There is no voting age requirement in Sabina. Only a national citizen can have the right to vote for and MP, however as a digtal citizen it is possible to vote in the Presidential election.

Annually, voters elect their president on the first Thursday of August, . There is no voting age requirement in Sabina. If you are a national citizen or a digital citizen, you have the right to vote. On August 9, 2018, Harland Jefferson of the European party and Alban Joseph of the Green Citizens' Party had to form a compramise as both tied in the election. As a result the President of the Republic is Harland Jefferson, Alban Joseph is the Foreign Minister.

Law and order

The rule of law in Sabina is taken very seriously. Those who break the law can face punishments up to 10 minuites in jail. Laws are all approved by the parlament and ratified by the President of the Republic. The Law is enforced by the Sabina Court of Justice. The National Gendarmerie and the Sabina Border and Customs Service are the only law enforcement agencies.

Foreign relations

The Sabinese Republic is officially reconised by the Republic of New Westphalia and is in a state of partial recotion from the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. The Sabina Passport is used to travel to other micronations.


According to Sabinese Law, it is illegal for Sabina to have a military of any kind. Defence duties are put to the Sabina Border and Customs Service. Sabina does implemnt consription into the Border Patrol. They are stricly unarmed.

Geography and climate

The ruins at Corrales, the oldest site in Sabina, dating back 400 years.

Sabina experiances a Mediterranean climate. 20% of land is foristed, and 80% arable land. The Sabinese Overseas Territories have different climates.


Sabina's Economy is mostly based in the services sector.


Culturally the Sabinese are a blend of British customs and Spanish cuisine. English is spoken by 100% of the population with 40% speaking Spanish.


The Government runs the Sabina Broadcasting Board. SBB NEWS and SBB Radio are the only media outlets.

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