Sabian languages

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Native to Sabia and Lycem
Latin (With its local Sabian and Lycene variants)
Official status
Regulated by Akadémiê Sâbikê

The Sabian languages (Sabian: Sâbik mínny; Lycene: Saebiq minerii) is a group of conlangs developed and used in the Juclandian Province of Sabia and Verona. They are also known in Sabia and Verona as the Valtir languages (for the Valtir Sector) to differentiate from the Sabian language itself. While technically the Sabian languages include Dozenal Sabian, Dozenal Sabiolycene, Old Sabian and Poshonic Sabiolycene, all now defunct predecessors of the current spoken Sabian languages, only Sabian and Lycene are considered relevant to the context of Sabian languages today.

It has been proposed that the Pashqar language joins Sabian and Lycene in the Sabian family, but neither the Sabian Academy, the axVootir or the Pashqar Linguistic Authority have shown any interest in classify Pashqar in the Valtir group.