People's Republic of Crascia

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Preceded By:A6160A8A-8781-4E4E-948F-2BC486EBD339.jpeg 2nd Crascian Kingdom

Succeeded By: F0323487-0924-4D4B-9F58-D667E1F84FAF.jpeg Crascian Kingdom

Peoples Republic Of Crascia (28th July-30th July)
AFCC290B-7253-4D7C-8DDE-B814B177BBC8.jpeg FlagN/A Coat Of arms

А Роззжвые Гйтйшжзеч Шоягч (Latin: A Possible Futurised World)
Capital cityLaidar
Largest cityLaidar
Official language(s)Old Crascian,English,
Official religion(s)Crascism
Short nameCrascia
GovernmentSocialist Rebublic
LegislatureNational Assembly
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

The People’s Republic Of Crascia was the shortest lived Crascian regime that took control over the Second Kingdom on the 28th July 2018.