Intermicronational Socialist Forum

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Intermicronational Socialist Forum
ChairmanJoseph Puglisi
Founded7 July 2011 (As the Socialist InterMicronational)
HeadquartersVassergrad, Tiana
Membership  (parties)13
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsRed

The Intermicronational Socialist Forum (ISF), also known as the Micronationale is an association of micronational parties established to unite Socialist parties in mutual support and aid. It was founded on 7 July 2011 by Håkon Lindström and Joseph Puglisi as a response to the founding of the Liberal InterMicronational by Bradley of Dullahan and later the League of Capitalists. It is informally organized and meant as a platform for discussion and mutual support between micronational socialist parties. The ISF as an organization is currently suspended from activity.


The ISF was founded as the Socialist InterMicronational on 7 July 2011, as a response to the founding of the Liberal InterMicronational. The SIM, despite never having been formally disbanded, went inactive within days.

In January 2012, however, after prompting from Ciprian C., Joseph Puglisi and others began to work on reviving the SIM as the ISF, due to the founding of the League of Capitalists.


The following is a list of members of the ISF:

Country Name Government Notes
File:Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia Theodorist Party of Austenasia
Holds Prime Ministership
Flag of Burkland.png Burkland Communist Party of Burkland in government
Flag of Dale Republic.png Dale Woking People's Nationalist Party in government
File:Danesland flag.1.png Danesland People's Communist Party of Danesland in government
Flag-of-Juclandia.png Juclandia Communist Party of Juclandia in coalition government
Lostislandflag.jpg Lostisland Communist Party of Lostisland in opposition
Flagv3.png New Europe New European Socialist Party in opposition
Flag of Pristinia.png Pristinia National Freedom Party hung government equal seats as independents and CRM
Senyaflag.png Senya Bolivarian Party of Senya senior party in coalition
2020 Suverska Flag.png Suverska Progressive Union senior party in coalition
Tiana.png Tiana Communist Party of Tiana in government
Tiana.png Tiana Socialist Labor League junior party in coalition
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhavia Union of Nemkhav Communists in government Formerly the Democratic Revolutionary Front
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia Left Party of Zealandia senior party in coalition
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia Communist Party of Zealandia junior party in coalition Holds Prime Ministership

Notes and references

  1. Refers to revolutionary and democratic socialism, not the Social democracy of the SI
  2. Although there are political parties in Austenasia, there is no official system of partisan government. Although the Prime Minister is a member of the party, it was founded after he was elected and holds no formal position of power within the Empire.