Ryno Republic

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Ryno Republic
Flag (5) (1).png

Forward as one
Republic states located in California and Washington state
Capital cityHaven Hill
Official language(s)English
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- First BullR.W. Lockhart
- Chief OfficiantR. Lockhart, Sr.
- North Hartland OverseerR. Lockhart, Jr.
LegislaturePeople's Chamber
Established2 July 2018
Population25 (as of inception)
CurrencyRyno Republic Credits
National sportFootball
National animalJackrabbit

Government website

The Ryno Republic is a new nation founded on 2 July 2018 based on the principles of freedom, free-will and independence.


On 2 July 2018, the nation was established as a result of discussions within a group of like-minded individuals (the Founders Council). Members of the Founders Council, dissatisfied with the state of current representative governments, looked to create a better solution. Thus, the Ryno Republic was formed. The Founders Council created the framework for the Republic, as well as the initial Constitution and a Declaration of Independence. The Founders Council voted and elected R.W. Lockhart as the First Bull. The Council also bestowed the title of The Feral One upon R.W. Lockhart in recognition of his importance to the creation of the independent Republic. After voting to approve the Constitution, the Council acknowledged the difficulties for a new nation seeking independence. Therefore, the Council voted to suspend the Constitution for a period of one year in order to allow the First Bull the authority and time to negotiate the difficult transition to independent nation status.[1]

Government and politics

The government of the Ryno Republic contains three branches: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. The Executive is the First Bull. The First Bull is duly elected from a majority vote of the People of the Republic. The First Bull serves a two-year term. The Legislative is called the People's Chamber. Each state of the Republic elects a head of state, titled an Overseer. Overseers serve in the People's Chamber. The People's Chamber is charged with all legislative duties of the Republic. Finally, the Judiciary is headed by the highest legal authority in the Republic, the Chief Officiant. The Chief Officiant is elected by a majority vote of the People of the Republic for a three-year term.[1]

Alternate flag. Also used by First Bull.

National Police Force

The First Bull, being the Head of State, possesses the authority to create a national police force. The national police force, if created, will be charged with enforcement of the Republic's laws and to provide general safety and security for Republic citizens. At this time, the First Bull has not created a national police force, but reserves the right to do so at the appropriate time.

Foreign relations

The Republic vests in the First Bull the power to engage in, negotiate with, and sign treaties with other nations, at the First Bull's discretion. The First Bull may select and nominate diplomats from among the Republic's citizenry.


The Republic armed forces is an all-volunteer force. The First Bull is the Commander of the Armed Forces. All citizens of the Republic are required to serve at least one year of reserve military duty or other governmental duty upon attaining the age of eighteen. Certain exceptions may be granted under the review and approval of the Armed Forces Review Board. Currently, the armed forces consist of only a reserve army, however, the Republic is engaged in a formal review for the establishment of a navy and air force.

Geography and climate

The Republic has states surrounded by Northern California and Southwestern Washington. The capital, Haven Hill, is near Mt. Diablo in California and has a moderate climate with mild winters and hot summers. The weather is nice at Haven Hill. The other main state of the Republic is located near Portland, Oregon and shares a climate similar to Portland. Temperatures in the northern Republic state range from very cold in the winter to nice and pleasant in the summer. The exact locations of Republic lands are classified by the Ryno Republic.


The main exports of the Ryno Republic are services. Services exported include, but are not limited to, legal advice and counsel, educational teaching, sales representations for private corporations and medical services. The Ryno Republic uses the American dollar, however, the Republic is currently undergoing an analysis on the creation of a Republic currency. The name of which has yet to be determined. In any instance, the currency of the Republic will be guaranteed by substantial silver holdings of the Republic.


English is the official language of the Republic and all government functions and publications are in English. The Republic does encourage its citizens to learn other languages as a part of a well-rounded education and for use in potential foreign relations. Republic citizens are regular people trying to make a living and lead a good life. The Republic values freedom and free-will. Honor is also highly regarded by the Republic and is strongly encouraged by its citizens. Since the Republic was created from lands in the United States, the citizens of the Republic are mostly Americans by birth, however not all. Therefore, life in the Republic is substantially similar to life in America. Football, or more specifically, American football, the national sport. Most Republic citizens enjoy watching football from the American NFL, specifically, the San Francisco 49ers. Allegiances to sports teams were not severed as a result of the Republic's Declaration of Independence.

Education is highly valued in the Republic, as the Republic views a highly educated citizenry as a bedrock for national success. Duty to the Republic is also greatly honored. Most public positions are volunteer-based with no compensation.


At this time, the only media associated with the Ryno Republic are the official website: [rynorepublic.org] and the official twitter account @rynorepublic. There are current discussions within the government about a digital news publication.

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