Rumassian Democratic Republic

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Rumassian Demokratische Republik (RDR)
"A nation under Freedom, Unity & Liberty"
"From the sorrow of old, a new nation arises"
Official language(s) English, German, French
Capital Neu Berlin
Date founded Nov 1st 2009
Number of citizens 221,500
Number of active citizens 6
Government Socialist Conservative
Current leader Stephen Von Herford
National animal Undefined

Rumassia officially known as Der Rumassian Demokratische Republik (RDR) is a Socialist Republik orginally succedded from the scottish territory of Rum but has since relocated to french Guiana keeping Rum as an overseas territory. It has existed since its conception on the 1st November 2009.

The national Website used to be hosted with Tripod but recently the Tripod servers did not reach der RDRs internet expectations. The Home Department is currently searching for a suitable new web server. 



Towards the end of 2009 his magnificence came across the phenomena of micronationalism and studied the specifics of it intensely while also gauging the injustices he felt the world has suffered under the bureaucratic plutocracies of the current world order. It was on the 1st of November 2009, Stephen Von Herford announced the formation of his new ‘Peoples State.’

New residence

The initial problem faced was choosing a name which initially was (Druss’ia) –a nod to his Prussian heritage – but after discovering that many people couldn’t pronounce the name correctly he change the name to Rumassia, named after the isle of Rum which was the initial setting for the new nation. It was on the 31st December 2009 that the President announced to the Volkskouncil that Rumassia would change its location in favour of better future economic output for the new nation. This new location was selected on the 1st January 2010 (French Guiana).



Der RDR is a nation founded on power to the people and true democracy with socialist ideals. There are many parties within Der RDR each can be democratically elected by the people and are free to implement their own policies providing it doesn’t negatively affect the rights or living standards of the Rumassian people.

The President

The President The Eternal President is the [Head of State] and is charged with directing the will of the people. He has a say in the runnings of the RDR in all departments but cannot out-rightly lead the country without the consent of the elected Volkskouncil. He can in times of unrest dissolve the Volkskouncil if he deems it is working against the Rumassian People. As HOS his permission is needed for the passing of laws and other state duties.


Like most other states, Der RDR has its own military defence force known as the Rumassian Volkswehr (RVW). Its mission is to protect state integrity and defend its interests wherever it may lie. The RVW is made up of five branches which are:


(Rumassian Luftwaffe)

(Rumassian Volksmarine)

(National Defence Academy)

(Virtual Strike Kommando)

Apart from the aforementioned branches the RVW also has a reserve paramilitary wing known as the Rumassian Volksgrenadiers (RVG). RVG serve as a part-time force of ex-regular soldiers etc who in times of national emergency can bolster the nation’s defences.

Compulsory service

All Young Rumassian men and women are required to do compulsory service (Wehrpflicht) to the state. Conscientious objectors can serve in either the Volkspolizia or a government run civilian dept. the compulsory service time is 12 months and this can upon the applicants wishes be extended to 24 months.


Der RDR has a government regulated economy – But not essentially centrally planned- which allows for a free market but all economic deals are regulated and watched over carefully. The government promotes real capitalism and opposes plutocratic ideals. Individual gain is permitted,  but wealth for the use of power is strictly prohibited and carries a life sentence.

Der RDR has a relatively strong economy, with a predicted GDP of around 2.5 Billion Rumassian Marks per annum with plans to increase it to 3+ billion. Der RDR relies on many of it exports for financial gain such as gold, fish, rice, sugar, banana, timber to name a few. Der RDR is currently researching affordable space tourism for the working man using its very own space centre. Current Rumassian exports can be purchased via the Rumassian Trading Company (RTC)


Currency of Der RDR is the Rumassian Mark (RM) which used to be the Rumassian Rouble (R). The Rouble is still in circulation, but takes the form of the lower echelon currency such as the (Cent in America or the Pence in Britain). The RM was brought in to allow for greater economic prosperity within der RDR. The RM net worth is bounced of the british stock markets and therfore has a current exchange rate of (£1 = 1RM). Rumassian Currency is only available to Rumassian citizens.