Rulers of the Blue Army

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Rulers of the Empire as a hole

There are few Members of the empire that rule not only the main core but also the Proxys, the Colonys, ect.

Lahav Morris

Lahav Morris is not only the Creator but also The Emperor of the Blue Army. Lahav is also considered a god in some of the local religions.

Foxy Morris

Foxy is the Imperial Dog. She was put in that position by the emperor.

Rulers of Vassans,Proxys & Colonys

There is One Vassal/Colony in the Blue Army aswell as one Proxy.

Federation Of Green & Blue

Federalised Goverment

The Federations Federalised Goverment remain Anonymos.


Princess Antouantina is the current Ruler of Animalo.

Rulers of the main core


There are five ministers in the Blue Army Incarge of takeing care of the main core.

Party leaders

The leaders of the Political Partys in the maincore are also Inportant political figures.


The head fo the Nissanim is Nissan.

Human Party

The head of the Human Party is Roy Morris

Plant Party

The head of the Plant Party is Peter Leaf