Royalist Party of Custosia

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Royalist Party
of Custosia
LeaderChristopher Woods
SloganTruly loyal to the King
Founded14 April 2017
Membership  (2017)TBA
IdeologySocial conservatism
Right-wing populism
Political positionRight to Far-right
Official colorsBlue and White

The Royalist Party or the Royalist Party of Custosia was a right-wing to far-right wing political party in the Kingdom of Custosia. The party was founded on 14 April 2017 by King Edward I of Custosia. The current head of the party is Christopher Woods who was elected as the leader of the party on 10 May 2017. Christopher Woods is also the Royalist candidate for the 2017 Prime ministerial election.


The Royalist Party was founded in 2017 by Edward I of Custosia so that their can be some say from the King in the government still. On 10 May 2017, the Royalist Party primaries where held to see which candidate would lead the Royalist Party and be the candidate for the 2017 Prime ministerial election. The candidates running for the Royalist Party were Christopher Woods and Nicholai Fredriksson. Woods ultimately won the primary with 66.7% of the votes compared to Fredriksson who only gained 33.3% of the votes.


The Royalist Party focuses primarily on Conservatism under Christopher Woods as the leader. However, other ideologies such as Populism and a Fascist based ideology, Edwardianism, have also been incorporated into the party. The idea is that any leader from the the Right to Far-right can lead the party based on there ideologies.