Queenslandian Royal Foot Guards

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The Queenslandian Royal Foot Guards
The Queenslandian Royal Guards.png
Badge of The Queenslandian Royal Foot Guards
Active2021 - present
Country Queensland
AllegianceMonarch of Queensland
Branch Royal Queensland Army
TypeFoot Guard
RoleLight Infantry
SizeOne battalion
One independent company
Garrison/HQ1st Battalion : Queensland City
Motto(s)Latin:Civitas et princeps cura nostra
"Our country and ruler are our concern"
MarchQuick: Kronprins Olav's Honnørmarsj
Slow: The Minden Rose
Colonel in ChiefEdward IX
Colonel of the RegimentThe Duchess of Beauclerk
Shoulder patchShoulder patch of Queenslandian Royal Foot Guards.png
Camp flag120px
ColourRoyal Banner RQG.svg

The Royal Guards of Queensland is a regiment. It is a military unit separated from the Army. By directing directly to the King of the Kingdom This division, founded by Prince Albert, Duke of Sembilan, was established for the Royal Guards to protect the King and to protect the Kingdom of Queensland.


The Royal Guards of Queensland are simply an infantry unit. "Only protect the King, the kingdom and the people, not the government or the Parliament," and this kind of statement is widely used in the military to remind itself that They are only responsible for protecting the nation and the King and the people. It is not used to protect the government or parliament. Because of the violation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of 2018, Article 310, paragraph 5, states that "Royal Queensland Armed Forces is an agency directly to the Ministry of Defense. All of the Royal Queensland Armed Forces duties are solely on the Chief of the Defense Staff. It is neither the Prime Minister of the Kingdom nor the Minister of Defense, and the Royal Queensland Armed Forces has three functions:
"1. Protect the Kingdom with joy, 2. Protect the King with joy, and 3. Protect the people with love and joy".
3 This is a constant reminder of the soldiers that "The Armed Forces should not be bound by politics"