Royal Family of Ikonia

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Royal family of the Kingdom of Ikonia
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ikonia
V · T · E
The Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Ikonia.

The Royal Family of Ikonia is the current royal family and ruling family of the Kingdom of Ikonia and was established by its first Monarch. The line of succession shall be put into place when the King has children. For now, the Heir to the throne is a closely related Royal family member chosen by the monarch, which currently is Troy Koehler. They all have the right and approval to fly the Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Ikonia is any Ikonian residence.


Though Ikonia is an absolute monarchy, the Royal Family of Ikonia is the leading house of the nation and have the utmost amount of power with very few limitations. Unlike any other Noble, Chivalric, or Peerage title within the nation, the official titles of the Royal family hold meaning and power. The Monarch possesses full power and can carry out his will with impunity. The Consort possess similar authority, but must submit to the Monarch's will if the latter disagrees with their actions.

Any parents of the monarch are entitled to supreme rights in their own right over the nation. However, like the Consort, they must ultimately submit to the will of the Monarch. Any Prince or Princess, regardless of being a blood relative to the Monarch, have equal authority with each other, and can exercise their will largely as they see fit. However, they too must accept the will of the Monarch, the Royal Consort, or the parents of the Monarch.

No member of the Royal family may sign an official document on any matter without the Monarch's consent. The Consort and parents of the Monarch have equal privileges and rights, while the Prince and Princess are placed below them in royal rank.