Royal Elavan Cyberforce

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The royal Elavan cyberforce, or commonly called the 'REC', is a branch of the Elavan military that seeks to protect the Kingdom of Elava and micronationalism in the digital age that micronationalism is in. It was founded by King Harrison I on 17 May 2021.


The REC was founded on the 17th of May 2021. The idea of the REC existed before it though, in the form of a scraped project of another micronation that King Harrison I was apart of about a year prior.

About the royal Elavan cyberforce

People in the REC are referred to as 'agents'.

All projects and operations within the REC are currently classified.

The REC has four departments that work within different areas:

  • Intelligence department
  • Operations department
  • Research and development department
  • Internal affairs department

The departments all have a different director which supervises the work of each department.