Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia

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Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia
The Flag of the Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia2.pngThe Coat of Arms of the Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia 1500.png

Pro Deum Totalitas
Zimandia, You Are Our Faithful Home
Capital cityZimberg
Largest citySalt Lake City
Official language(s)English and Esperanto
Official religion(s)Catholicism
Short nameZimlandia
GovernmentAbsolute Diarchy
LegislatureCouncil of Lord Electors
- Type - (Advisory)
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - April 6, 2015
EstablishedNovember 29, 2014
Area claimed184,427 Square Miles
Population19 Over 3 Million Residents
National sportBaseball
Patron saintSaint Thomas More

The Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia, more commonly referred to as Zimlandia, is a diarchichal principality found in the western United States. It's capital is Zimberg, which houses the Royal Palace. It was created in 2014 and remains strong. It was created after the collapse of the Republic of Zimlandia. The collapse lead to a political reform into the current diarchy.


Republican History


The Zimlandia of today was preceded by the Republic of Zimlandia. The Republic was founded by the current princes as an effort to establish a Zimlandian state on March 9, 2014.

The mission was largely successful outside of one thing. The grandfather of the two leaders was rebellious and quickly tried to establish himself as sole leader. As he was the leader of the military, it quickly sent the nation into a state of emergency. Within days, the Republic was dissolved.

Early Diarcy History

As sad and regressive as this was, William and Eric continued to find ways to re-establish the nation. They worked to rebuild the support for such a nation.

Beginning in November 2014, the brothers began to write the constitution of the nation. On the Twenty-Ninth of November, it was finally declared an independent country.

Recent History

In recent months, the principality has expanded to include more than triple the initial number of citizens. The rapid growth has lead to an increase in legislative actions by the princes and renewed to drive to further develop their culture. Most recently, official portraits of the princes have been commissioned and created through the app Brush Strokes. Furthermore, the mint has officially begun printing the first series of currency.

On May 1, 2015, Prince Eric I stepped down from his position as Lord Elector after officially resigning from the Zimlandian National Congress. Furthermore, the ZNC has yet to appoint a new Lord Elector to fill the seat.