Royal Auror Corps

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Royal Auror Corps
Remeja Gakin Avrentasar
RGA logo.png
Badge of the Royal Auror Corps
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Sabia and Verona
Headquarters Kodesari, Alios
Minister responsible Harmê Bertram, Defense Secretary
Agency executive Ge. Ko. Mirna Baudelaire ROS, General-Commissioner
Parent agency Defense Division

The Royal Auror Corps (Sabian: Remeja Gakin Avrentasar), commonly known by its Sabian initials as the RGA and formerly known as the Gendarmerie (Hêndarmerakín) is the military police service of Sabia and Verona, and one of the two existing branches of the Sabioveronese Royal Armed Forces (RGK). The Royal Auror Corps are the oldest armed group in Sabia and Verona, since their foundation in 2012 shortly after the creation of the Kingdom as an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Juclandia.


The Gendarmerie of Sabia and Verona (also known as the Regional Police Corps), predecessor to the current Royal Auror Corps, was founded in October 2012, shortly after the foundation of Sabia and Verona as an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Juclandia. The Gendarmerie was small and poorly organized, akin more to a limited militia. Early major involvement of the Gendarmerie included the handling of the Three-King rebellion and the subsequent arrests of rebel collaborators[1] and the control of illegal substances trafficking in Tegula.[2] With the foundation of the People's Regional Land Army in December 2012, the presence of the Gendarmerie became overshadowed by the much larger and organized army. Nevertheless, the two were merged together to form the Regional Armed Forces of Sabia and Verona. At some point in early 2013, Gunther van Marden became Chief of the Gendarmerie, with Pi'yo Pol as Vice-Chief. During this time, the Gendarmerie became more organized, and also more autonomous from the government.

In 2014, Queen Isadora renamed the Gendarmerie as the Royal Auror Corps, for the aurors of the Ministry of Magic in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.


The Royal Auror Corps are an established military wing of the Armed Forces. In this sense, the RGA are an agency of a 4th-type body (4T gakin or 4TG), the name given to institutions dependent on the Sabioveronese Government. More specifically, the RGA, alongside the Royal Aeronaval Service (the other branch of the Royal Armed Forces) respond to the Defense Division (the Ministry of Defense).

The head of the RGA is the General-Commissioner (Geralê-Kourak), who is directly selected by the Enkâkourak, the Kingdom's head of government. The RGA's headquarters are located in the Héhorin Joint National Facility in the district of Kodesari in Alios. There are minor branches of the RGA in the Northern Territories in Ashem-Teg, Tegula and in Salisse. The RGA are the only Sabioveronese military branch to operate in both the Northern and Southern territories.