Rostylandian trimole

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Rostylandian Trimole
Banknotes of Rostylandian Trimole
Official usersFlag of Fortania.png Kingdom of Fortania
Pegged toUAE Dirham
PluralRostylandian Trimoles
Coins1R, 2R, 5R, 10R, 25R, 50R, 1RFT, 2RFT
Banknotes5RFT, 10RFT, 20RFT,
Central bankRostylank
MintRostylandian Royal Mint

The Rostylandian Trimole is the official currency of Rostyland. The trimole is subdivided into 100 Rustals. Rostyland uses this since it was established.

The Trimole sign is *. The sign is not used. The coins have the sign. The series of coins and banknotes changes for almost 2 months. The 2012 series improved all the security features and designs.


The Rostylandian Trimole's original name was the Stevanian Dollars. When Stevania has dissolved, Fortania has it's own currency, the Fortanian Trimole. When Fortania dissolved, Rostyland took the name Trimole as their currency.

If the trimole would inflate, we have to lower the exchange rates and the denominations of banknotes..

— Steven, King and Treasurer of Rostyland.


The Rostylandian Trimole has the denominations 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 in the first series. The 2012 Series improved security features of Rostyland.

In the 2012 Series, 5 and 10 became coins, to lower the paper industry and the materials. The 2012 Series has dates. But some of them doesn't because it means it was circulated in 2012.

Security features includes invisible security thread, it doesn't glows in Ultraviolet, EURion Constellation, planchettes, watermark and visible security thread.

Image Value Main Colour Description Date of Remarks
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse Watermark Signatures Serial Note Series Issue
5RL.png 5RL.png 10 Trimoles Stephen I & II Mother Teresa Monogram Stephen I & II A00000001 - in novel '2012' Unknown yet
5RL.png 5RL.png 20 Trimoles Brown Republic Flag of Los Bay Petros flying Unknown Yet
5RL.png 50 Trimoles Light Green Larrington Palace Larrington Palace October 12 2012
5RL.png 5RL.png 100 Trimoles Yellow Mother Teresa Monogram of Steven
All banknotes printed in Rostylank co.