Roselandic Socialist Party

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Roselandic Socialist Party
LeaderSophia Albina
HeadquartersGalleli, Roseland
Membership  (2015)1
Social Democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsBlue and Yellow

This article is about the defunct Roselandic Socialist Party, which was a predecessor to the modern Socialist Party of Roseland

The Roselandic Socialist Party is a defunct political party within the Republic of Roseland. The party was founded by President Sophia Albina, who desired to create an official socialist movement within the young nation to oppose the conservative Liberty Party. The party officially endorsed democratic socialism, and claims to oppose all forms of oppression such as capitalism and authoritarianism. The party also opposed any discrimination, regardless of class, race, gender, or religion.

The party decided to temporarily adopt the logo of the defunct Socialist Party of America until an original one was created and approved by the party.

The Roselandic Socialist Party was abolished on 25 October 2015, when its leader, Sophia Albina, declared herself Queen of Roseland.