Robert Norfolk

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His Royal Majesty The Honourable
Duke Robert Norfolk I
Duke of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge
Reign 25 June 2019 - present
Coronation 25 June 2019
Predecessor None
House Norfolk
Born 1932
North Carolina, the United States of America Flag of the United States.svg
Religion Urglaawe Heathenry

Robert Norfolk is the 1st Duke of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge, a subdivision of the Norfolk Empire that is from the United States of America. Robert Norfolk began his political career in the Norfolk Empire in 2019.

Politically, Robert Norfolk macronationally identifies as an Independent. Overall, he considers himself to be a Centrist.

Norish Royalty

On 25 June 2019, Robert Norfolk was sworn in as the Duke of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge as soon as the constitution was signed. He is also a judge on the Copyright Court of the Norfolk Empire.

Personal life

Outside of micronationalism, Robert Norfolk is a retired citizen in North Carolina and enjoys boating and running.