Robert Catcheside

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Robert Catcheside
Catcheside in 2018, at a Cabinet meeting
Executive Councillor
Assumed office:
1 January 2018
Cabinet Fist Glastieven Cabinet
Second Glastieven Cabinet
Chancellor of Communications and Logistics
Assumed office:
23 March 2018
Cabinet Fist Glastieven Cabinet
Second Glastieven Cabinet
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Partner Beatrice Bara
Born Exeter, United Kingdom
Religion None (athiest)

William Michael Campbell, also known as Kerry Stapleton and Mark Kavanah, is an Acteriendian politician in Glastieve, serving as the Chancellor of Communications and Logistics since 23 March 2018 and as an Executive Councillor in the Cabinet of Glastieve since the country's foundation. Campbell is also one of the two constituency co-ordinators of Acteriendia, and is the editor-in-chief and main writer for The Glastieven. Campbell has served in high offices throughout Glastieven history and is sometimes considered the micronation's founder or main leader.

Political career

Political views and image

In macronational politics, Campbell identifies as a socialist and is a member of the British Labour Party. He infrequently publishes articles on his political blog, I Don't Own a Printing Press, where he articulates centre-left views influenced by moderate democratic socialism and traditional Confucianism. Traditionally, Campbell has argued that the macronational political compass is largely irrelevant to micronationalism, instead preferring to frame different strands within micropatrology as competing political ideologies; however, more recently, he has moved towards embracing economically left-wing and socially liberal policies in Glastieve.

Personal life

Campbell has been a member of the Woodcraft Folk since he was a young child, and in 2018 was elected to serve on its General Council (board of trustees) as the Media Co-ordinator.

Since July 2018, Campbell has been the partner of senior Northllander politician Charlotte Sutton.

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