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Konraq Ro'znoma
Format Online
Type News website
Founded 18 September 2018
Political allegiance None
Language(s) English
Published on Wix(link)
Distributed in Internationally (focused on Konraq)
Editor Khan Yusuf

The Ro'znoma (Uzbek for newspaper) is the official state-run press agency of the Konraq Khanate. the Konraq Ro'znoma is the biggest and most influential media organization in Konraq, It was formed by Khan Habdaminah by a royal degree. The Ro'znoma focuses on international news from Konraq the Ro'znoma says provide "a Konraqi viewpoint on major global events. It emerged as a leading newspaper of Konraq Khanate. Altough it was founded on 18 September. It replaced its lesser known predsucessor the "Konraqi Times"

Altough politicaly neutral. Konraqi senator Mehmed Boky critizied the idea of a state run newspaper. He said that "It would be eventualy the mouthpiece of the palace faction"

The Roznoma paper is today run by the Khan himself whereas the domestic Hurriyet is owned by Yno de Wacht