Richmond Times

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Richmond Times
TypeNews website
Owner(s)Richmond Media Corporation
Founder(s)Leon Simpson
PublisherRichmond Publishing
EditorLeon Simpson
FoundedDecember 2012
Political alignmentLiberal
HeadquartersAlbertine, Richmond

The Richmond Times is an Amatine newspaper, launched as a competitor to the state owned Capital Vogue newspaper. It remains the only privately owned paper in Amager. The Times was founded in December 2012, releasing its first article on the 31st December.[1] The articles are published on the Wordpress blog platform, though a broadsheet style virtual newspaper has been considered as a possible future platform.

The paper affiliates itself to liberalism, laissez-faire economics and limited government. The paper has also been fundamental in various political movements, advocating free media and cultural advancement since its foundation.

It became a member of the Micronational Press Council in January 2013.

Election support

The Times has no indefinite party affiliation, though the paper has supported parties or multiple parties in elections.

Year Party
2012 Democratic Union-Green Front coalition