Rheymaanian Republic

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Republizay Rheymesse
Rheymaanian Republic
Official language: Hasponian
Capital: Maanay
Government: presidial republic
Head of state and
head of government:
Alexandro Sanchez
Area: 1,117,000 sq km
Population: 102,000,000
Population density: 86/sq km
Currency: 1 Lebroy = 100 Centoys]]

The Rheymaanian Republic (Hasponian: Republizay Rheymesse, Rheymaan) is a presidential republic in Southern Shvaan. It is bordered by Javayy to the north, the U.S.S. to the east and the Rheymaanian administered South Pole Area.


North (Nore), N

West (Vesse), V

East (Esse), E

South (Sure), S


Of the 102 mill. inhabitants are 48% of Hasponian and of mixed Hasponian and Indigenous ancestry, 24% of Angorian ancestry (mainly in the South and East) and 17% of Francorian ancestry (mainly in the North and East). 6% are Nero-Shvaanians and 5% of other descent. Official language is Hasponian, other main spoken languages Angorian and Francorian.


Rheymaan is a constitutional presidential republic. Head of state and of government and Commander-in-Chief of the Rheymaanian armed forces is the President (Presidente) who is elected directly by the people for five years. The President appoints the Vice-President and the ministers (currently 11). The regional governments send representatives to the House of Representatives (Camara dos Representantes) which acts as the upper house of parliament. The 375 representatives in the Imperial Congress (Congresoy Imperialesse) are voted directly and proportionaly by the people. House and Congress together vote the laws, the budget is decided by the Congress alone. The judges of the Imperial Court (Tribunal Imperialesse) are appointed by the President. The four Regions have governors appointed by the president with regard for the majority in their General Councils elected by the citizens. The lowest political units are the communities with prefects and local councils.